Get To Know Why KBS All You Need To Know "Who We Are"

Though there are many centres of Panchakarma therapy but our centre works purely on the basic concepts of Panchakarma and preparation of oils, ghrits etc., by ourselves is also marks us on the top.
The centre has kept very nominal fees and is not taking any help from any NGO’s etc. This centre is an unique Panchakarma centre. which provides a systematic treatment to the patients.

Our CompanyWho We Are

We are running the Panchakarma centre in the renowned city of Rajasthan “Sri Ganganagar” where the people inclined towards the Ayurvedic treatment. We give the treatment according to the ayurvedic concept and prepare many medicines specially oils, ghrits. So as to get better result.

We provide fully hospitality to the patient and their care taker. This city is connected to almost all over the India. The mode of transportation are car, bus, train and nearest airports are Chandigarh & Amritsar and approach to centre is very easy to anyone who want to complete treatment can avail the services.

Our MissionWhat We Think

Our mission is to is to serve mankind by uprooting their diseases and keeping in view that we are living in developing country and many people cannot afford costly treatment. So promoting people themselves fit is also our motto.

"LoLFkL; LokLF;j{ vkrqjL; fodkjiz”keue~ "means prevention and promotion of health and cure ailments, which make person ill. We are fulfilling the both motto of Ayurveda with Panchakarma.