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Panchakarma is a Shodhana therapy. It is also called purification therapy because it reverses the disease mechanism that carries toxic waste products from the digestive tract into the tissues of the body.

  • Daily treatment time
  • 90 min- to 2 hrs
  • 7 to 28 days
  • depending upon on condition of disease.

Arthritis management programme

The most common inflammatory painful condition of joints that affects mobility is Arthritis. Symptoms of arthritis include pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, and a decreased range of motion. The two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), both of which are more commonly found in women than in men. In Panchakarma several procedures like: massage with medicated oil, fomentation with several herbal components, Janu basti, anuvasan and niruh basti, virechan are very effective to cure arthritis.

Daily treatment time 90 min- to 2 hrs for 7 to 28 days or depending upon on condition of disease.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 90 min – 2 hrs
  • 7-14 days

Stress relief programme

- In Ayurveda defined as Rasayana, means to vitalize all the tissue in the body. Thus this package includes therapies ranging from Rejuvenation massage, vaman, virechan, Njavarakizi etc which helps to revitalize the body to other treatments as nasya, Sirovasthi, Sirodhara etc, completing and purifying the mind and the inner soul.

Daily treatments duration 90 min – 2 hrs for 7-14 days.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hrs – 2.5 hrs
  • 14 – 28 days

Body Purification

AntiageingBody purification or Sodhana Chikita is one of the prime treatments in Ayurveda for removing all the toxins or free radicals from the body. After verifying the individual conditions through diagnostic medical check of the Ayurveda doctor, the program will be applied based on the imbalances of Dosas through different treatments as Massage, Snehapanam, Nasya, Vamana, Virechana, Snehavasti, Kashyavasthi, Sirovasthi, Sirodhara, etc. Each treatment is aimed to purify specific parts of the body.The result is to reach a body free from all toxic waste and at same time be rejuvenated. This package is useful in curing diseases related to musclo-skeletal system, respiratory system, digestive system, metabolic disorders, and psychological disorders and in whole improves the quality of life and increases longevity.

Daily treatments 2 hrs – 2,5 hrs, 14 – 28 days.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 90 min – 2 hrs
  • 14 - 28 days

Slimming programme

Slimming therapy is specifically designed to reduce body weight and give good shape to the body. Includes special treatments like Udwarthana, Choorna Swedam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Virechana, Lekhan Basti, Medicated steam bath and intake of herbal preparations. A strict slimming diet is also advised along with few exercises.

The duration of treatment is between 90 min – 2 hrs daily, 14-28 days.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 60 min – 90 min
  • 7 – 14days

Beauty Care Program

This programme is specially designed to revitalize the skin thereby increasing the colour & complexion. The package includes treatments like Udwartanam, Lepam, Face pack, Kashaya Dhara, Virechana, Medicated steam bath etc. This is very useful in all type of skin pigmentation, pimples, dark circle around eyes, wrinkles etc.

The duration of treatment varies from 60 min – 90 min, 7 – 14days.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hrs per day
  • 7 – 14 days

Special Revitalizing

This package is ideal for a short duration stay and is mainly aimed to relax and revitalize the body and mind. The speciality of the package is the body general massages along with other relaxating treatments like sirodhara, facepack, medicated steam bath etc.

The duration of treatment is approximately 2 hrs per day, 7 – 14 days.

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hrs per day
  • 21 days

Psoriasis Management Program

This special treatment programme includes special Lepam, Abhayangam, Snehapanam, Kashaya dhara, Thakradhara etc along with special diet and internal medicines.

Duration of treatments 2 hrs per day, 21 days

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hrs per day
  • 28 days

Allergy management programme

Different kind of toxic substances are responsible for respiratory, skin allergy. In spite of these wheat allergy, milk allergy are also effect of toxins accumulation. Vaman, virechana, nasya, basti are very efficacious to treat these ailments.

Duration of treatments 2 hrs per day, 28 days

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hours per day
  • 28 days

Diabetes care Programme

This highly efficacious programme for management of diabetes type 2 includes massage, sudation, virechan, various types of basti, dhanyamla dhara, udwartanam. Aim of these therapies to ensure natural secretion of insulin and effective management of diabetes.

Duration of treatments 2 hours per day, 28 days

  • Daily treatments duration
  • 2 hours per day
  • 7 to 14 days

Pain management

Lumber pain, lumbago sciatica syndrome, spondylosis, spondylitis, tennis albow, ankylosing spondylitis, neuralgia, trigeminal neuritis like conditions are effectively managed with patra pottal swedanam, massage, sudation, various combination of basti procedures.

Duration of treatments 2 hours per day, 7 to 14 days.